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To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to document my experience with Dr. Sutpal Singh regarding surgery on my right heel.

In October of 2012, I fell from the top rung of a ladder in my backyard. I broke the heel of my right foot and part of it pushed up approximately ½ inch. When I was taken to the emergency room at Alexian Brothers Hospital, the E.R. doctor gave me Dr. Singh’s telephone number and told me to call him since he is an expert in this kind of injury.

I was a little apprehensive when I first met Dr. Singh since I did not know him or know of his credentials. After talking with him for just a few minutes I felt real comfortable and confident with the explanation he gave me of what had to be done to correct my situation.

He said I needed surgery using the Ilizarov method which did not require a hard cast. He told me I would have an external fixator on my leg for 10-12 weeks and then will use a walking boot for another 4 weeks with outpatient therapy to follow for almost 6 weeks. All of these time frames have been very accurate. I am in my 3rd week of therapy and am walking fine.

Throughout the entire process from surgery to the present time Dr. Singh gave me encouragement and explained with detail in layman’s terms of what my condition was and what to expect throughout the whole process. His detailed guidance instructions helped me get through the entire process very easy. He is a great surgeon, very confident, & has a lot of pride in his patients, as well as his work. He has a great sense of humor and bedside manner that made this all easier to go through, something many doctors lack.

I would highly recommend Dr. Singh to anyone who required foot or ankle surgery, not just for his expertise but also for his comfort and assurance throughout the healing process.

John Swieca

Dear Dr. Singh & staff,

Just a note to say “Thank you” for accommodating me in performing the external pinning of my broken metatarsal. I’ve healed well & am back to my normal activities--but staying clear of dirt bikes!

Be sure that I will be referring you to anyone who has foot or ankle problems! You are terrific!

Thanks again,

Candy Hallstead

If it were not for Dr. Singh I would not have a foot on my right leg.

I had a diabetic ulcer on my right foot and went to a local community hospital emergency room. The doctor examined my foot and decided to remove the ulcer. I went to a convalescent facility to recover. The wound did not seem to be healing properly. That is when I decided to go to Dr. Singh. He performed a skin graft by placing a piece of skin from my leg to the infected area of my foot thereby (in my opinion) saving my foot.

I will always be grateful to Dr. Singh for saving my foot


Alan K. Whittaker

To Whom It May Concern:

I had a diabetiOn February 8, 2010, while working on my RV, I fell and shattered both heels as well as broke and dislocated bones in both feet. Dr. Singh performed reconstructive surgery on 2/10 and 2/12/10. I wore external fixators to hold things in place for 3 ½ months while in a rehab facility. I continued physical therapy on an out-patient basis and now am walking with very little pain. I would recommend Dr. Singh very highly for anyone needing reconstructive foot surgery. My wife brags about Dr. Singh to anyone who’ll listen, as he explained everything to us so well.


John O. Dodson

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Karen Tatum and I have been a patient of Doctor Sutpal Singh in Apple Valley, California for the past nine years.

We moved to Victorville, California in September of 2001 from another area where I had a surgery on my right foot in June of 2001. The day after we moved here I went to see a doctor who recommended I go to the hospital emergency right away. Doctor Singh was assigned to my case and I have been his patient ever since.

My foot was severely infected and gangrene was spreading up my right leg almost to the knee. Doctor Singh performed surgery and without a doubt saved my foot from amputation.

According to Doctor Singh and the Infection Disease Specialist, the infection in my right heel will probably never go away, and will require anti-biotics on an ongoing basis to minimize infection flare-ups. Over the past nine years, Doctor Singh has provided excellent medical care on an ongoing basis and without his expertise, I believe I would have lost my foot several years ago. He has continually watched over me and when the infection has flared up, has always acted swiftly, to take care of the situation.

There is no doubt in mine or my husband’s mind, that by being referred to Doctor Singh, I still have my foot and am able to walk a little on it.

Karen Tatum
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